Aircraft Shares

Buying an aircraft share can bring many if the benefits of aircraft ownership with the overheads shared between a group.

This is ideal for people looking to fly on a regular basis but without the resources required for outright ownership.

There are associated risks as you will have an equal responsibility for all aspects of the running and associates costs including any unforeseen events. 

Piper PA38 – 2 seat aircraft

This aircraft is ideal for local flights and particularly good for hour builders. While they may not be the best loadlifters they make sense for maximising airbourne time while looking after a tight budget.

Share price – £2,500.00

Monthly fees – £50.00

Wet rate per hour – £99.00

Cessna 172 – 4 seat aircraft

This aircraft benefits from additional seats for passengers and baggage capacity. These are paopular with regular flyers offering more comfort and instrumentation.

Share price – £5,000.00

Monthly fees – £100.00

Wet rate per hour – £119.00

4 seat complex aircraft

This aircraft is better suited to the more serious flyers and those with aspirations of progressing their experience.

Full IFR capability with retractable undercarrage and Constant speed propeller

Share price – 10,000.00

Monthly fees – £150.00

Wet rate per hour – £140.00