Aircraft shares

Aeroplanes are not the cheapest form of transport and the upkeep is not as simple as a motor car either. The capital cost is relatively high along with fixed annual costs in addition to the hourly flying costs.

However, there are a number of different options available pilots to access an aircraft to fly.


Clubs like our own offer the option to simply hire an aircraft or to purchase a small block of hours. There are limitations with this option. Availability is not guarenteed and there are minimum requirements if the aircraft is to be used for an extended period. It is an easy option for most pilots and there is no commitment required. This fullfils the requirements for the average pilot flying 10-20 hours per year.


Private ownership provides the perfect answer but is not finacially viable for most people. Aircraft really need to fly 300+ hours per years for the numbers to work.

Group share

There is a compromise option available which is popular for pilots looking to fly 30-50 hours per year; a share in a group. Groups can vary in size with 6 – 8 being a good average. The lower the number of members the better the availability. But with less members it will require each member to be flying more hours to make the figures viable.

Groups can look to keep their aircraft exclusive or provide access to the club to assist in utilisation. Again there are pros and cons and different groups will have their own opinion of what is right for them.

Our base at Glasgow already has a private group with another looking at the market for an aircraft. We will continue to support these options.

We have also decided to offer shares in 2 of our aircraft to ensure there is a choice to suit any pilot:-

  • 2 seat ideal for hourbuilders
  • 4 seat for general use and touring
  • 4 seat complex for the more serious aviatiors

We welcome other groups to join us at Glasgow. If you own an aircraft and would like to increase itilisation or have a group looking to relocate, we would like to tell you move about the options at Glasgow.

If you are interested in joining a group we can put you in contact with some likeminded members.

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Piper PA38 – 2 seat aircraft

This aircraft is ideal for local flights and particularly good for hour builders. While they may not be the best loadlifters they make sense for maximising airbourne time while looking after a tight budget.

Share price – £2,500.00

Monthly fees – £50.00

Wet rate per hour – £85.00

Cessna 172 – 4 seat aircraft

This aircraft benefits from additional seats for passengers and baggage capacity. These are paopular with regular flyers offering more comfort and instrumentation.

Share price – £5,000.00

Monthly fees – £100.00

Wet rate per hour – £99.00

4 seat complex aircraft

This aircraft is better suited to the more serious flyers and those with aspirations of progressing their experience.

Full IFR capability with retractable undercarrage and Constant speed propeller

Share price – 10,000.00

Monthly fees – £150.00

Wet rate per hour – £120.00

4 seat aircraft – new group forming

There are a number of interested parties considering forming a group around a 4 seat aircraft. 

It is early days but enquiries are welcome.

Share price – TBC (est £5,000)

Monthly fees – TBC

Wet rate per hour – TBC

We welcome new groups to join us at Glasgow International Airport.

Whether you are an existing group looking to relocate or a new group forming, we will be happy to support you.